Zebbler Studios : VIC Video Installation


One of Zebbler Studios ongoing projects has been a video mapped installation at the Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham,MA. There are currently two Windows based servers, in their data center, delivering content to a number of Chrystie Projectors in their showcase, via Resolume Arena.

I was recently called to the site to determine why one of those two servers was no longer running. Initial inspection of the server showed that the system could post properly, but not find a disk with a bootable OS. Looking into the BIOS I saw that our HDD for backups was showing up, but the System SSD was not. I was able to further confirm that it was a problem with the SSD by removing it from the server and testing it on my laptop via a usb to SATA adapter.

Although Devon had updated the Resolume project and its related content recently, we were safe to restore without losing that work as the server had been setup to perform a backup once a week. After labeling the broken SSD, we installed a new one, and restored from the most recent image.

VIC Showcase

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